Class Service offers a number of unarmed security services, structured ad hoc, based on customer’s nature and requirement: from watchman activity (24 hours out of 24), reception and switchboard, access control and logistics, up to fire safety. Taking advantage of any type of anti-intrusion and surveillance system, it ensures protection in industrial or domestic environment and it also offers visitors reception and access management (for vehicles too) to ensure, anytime, anywhere, the highest degree of reliability. Professionalism, trust and competence are the Class Service cornerstones, in addition to essential requirements such as promptness, reansparency and confidentiality. Di seguito i servizi offerti nello specifico.

•   Private Security •   Reception, concierge, welcome and switchboard •   Customer CareReception, portierato, accoglienza e centralino We offer the complete management of all daily activities in control and security in any kind of buildings (shopping centers, offices, etc ..), fitting any type of customer. We control accesses to suppliers, employees and staff; we further ensure protection and courtesy services at parking lots in buildings and/or department stores, preventing thefts and fraud.

•   Fire prevention with trained and qualified staff Servizio antincendio con personale formato e qualificato Our operators are trained to deal with any kind of emergency in security, in particular fire prevention surveillance, required by law in shopping malls and galleries. We employ only qualified and properly trained personnel, ensuring the attendance of training courses for workplace safety.

•   Access control for companies, warehouses •   Assistance and control over shops and large retailers •   Goods and Trucks ControlControllo merci e camion We vigilant accesses (incoming and outgoing) to warehouses, preventing the entry of people, vehicles and objects unauthorized or dangerous, preventing also intrusion attempts or machineries tampering. We guarantee the proper registration of goods and logistics redistribution of cataloged material, preventing also inside thefts. We also manage attendance detection in companies, using people recognition devices, in order to register people names and their working hours.

•   Access Control and thefts prevention in construction siteControllo accessi e prevenzione furti in cantieri edili We provide ongoing surveillance activities (day and night) for theft prevention of miscellaneous raw material and we monitor all vehicles and machinery activities. We daily check workers and employees access.

Personal protection device verificationVerifica dispositivi di protezione individuale We supply and maintain products against on-the-job injuries, according to Italian law 81/2008 , about the protection of workers’ safety in workplace and job risk prevention.

Chauffeur ServiceNoleggio con conducente We provide a rental service of cars equipped with all amenities, steered by professional drivers to any destination and need.